A foreclosure is the process where a lender tries to recover the amount owed to them by either selling or repossessing the property. This happens as a result of the owner defaulting (or stop making payments) on the loan. In Myrtle Beach, foreclosures and bank owned homes are coming on the market just maybe not with the numbers similar to other areas. Foreclosuresin our area are not as easy to find as some may think. In order to find a foreclosure home or bank owned home here you will need to speak with an experienced Realtor that is familiar with the process and knows what to look for.

Foreclosure Homes and Foreclosure Listings

With the foreclosure market picking up speed like it has, more and more buyers and investors have begun to search out bank owned homes and foreclosure listings over other properties. Everyone is looking for deals on home foreclosures. We have created a list of the current foreclosures and bank owned homes available. To receive this list CLICK HERE.

Finding Myrtle Beach Foreclosures

To have the Willis Team Professionals help you to find REOs, foreclosures, bank owned homes, or short sales in the Myrtle Beach area, contact us to hear about new foreclosure listings first. We offer our experience and knowledge of the Myrtle Beach market to help you in finding short sales and foreclosures.