How can you sell homes in Myrtle Beach while in a buyers’ market? Could be it really be as simple as adding some fresh paint and some landscaping? What about lowering your price? Or better yet, offering some bonuses or incentives? We have come up with some tips that we feel might help Myrtle Beach real estate sellers close the deal in this kind of market.

1. Improve your curb appeal. This is your home’s “First Impression” for the potential buyers. Think about what they see right as they are getting out of the car. Is it what you want them to see? These changes may seem like they are minor or cosmetic, but to a potential buyer they could mean the difference between your house getting sold and another one in the area getting sold.

2. Look for making a big difference where you can. If you can afford in making bigger improvements to key areas, then you should. Key areas such as bathrooms and kitchens are very important to people looking to buy a home. You want these areas to look inviting, not distracting. Maybe updating your cabinets or counters could drastically improve the appearance. If you can’t make these bigger improvements financially then maybe consider making less expensive changes such as new carpet or putting up a fresh coat of paint. Either way, think about what it may take to close the deal.

3. Let the online resources work for you. There are many different real estate websites out there now that can help to let you know what your home value may be with certain home improvement, or what properties have sold for recently in your area. These online resources might not be exact, but they could help with giving you an idea on where to price your home. Or you could visit our Myrtle Beach real estate website to find homes that would compare to yours.

4. Be proactive! Have a home inspection completed and let potential buyers review it to see what problems there may be with the home. If there are any you might want to consider having them fixed/repaired so they can see that you have made the proper repairs. Also, be clear about recent improvements that you have made with proof such as receipts or estimates. This helps show how well you are taking care of your home and how you have in the past.

5. Be realistic with your goals. Selling in a buyer’s market takes skill and the right strategy. With the saturation of homes on the market it has given buyers more choices and they can be selective. Properly priced homes are selling in Myrtle Beach and your Realtor will work with you to determine what the right selling price should be. Also, understand that homes may stay on the market longer during a buyer’s market than in a seller’s market.