Why Should You Buy a Home?

The real question is why SHOULDN’T you buy a home?! With so many benefits, outweighing any negative connotations about the real estate market is no problem! The time to buy is now, and here are a few reasons why:

o Talk about bargains! If you’re looking to buy, this is the market for you, for sure! Prices have decreased quite a bit, seeing as how we are in the biggest housing bust in recent history.

o Talk about saving money! April 15th is usually a day people fret the most about. But when you buy a home, you can actually save on taxes. With how much you’ll be able to deduct, it’s certainly worth it. As long as you itemize your deductions, you can deduct the mortgage interest as well as real estate taxes from your income taxes.

o Do you hear that? Cheap Cheap Cheap! That’s what mortgages are screaming nowadays. With the lowest rates on record, you can actually get a 30 year mortgage for about 4.3%. Why pass that up?! Just two years ago that percentage was around 6.3. And the more inflation picks up, good luck seeing these kinds of mortgage rates again.

o Your very own happily ever after! You aren’t renting the home you buy, you are full-fledged owning it. That means you can knock down walls, paint wild colors, redo the kitchen and not have to ask permission or be told no by anyone. It’s yours!

There are plenty more reasons that you should buy a home now, so give us a call at SC Beach Real Estate and let us help you search for your dream home!