Myrtle Beach Short Sales


A short sale is a little different from a foreclosure. This is actually in the pre-foreclosure time period. A short sale is where the lender has agreed to accept less than the total amount due on the loan. This is not a decision that the owner can make, it is the decision of the bank. If you are considering listing your property as a short sale you will need to contact your lender and speak with them first to ensure that they will accept a short sale.

Contact a Willis Team professional to find foreclosures, REOs or short sales in the Myrtle Beach area. We offer our experience and knowledge of the Myrtle Beach market to help you in finding short sales and foreclosures.

Avoid Foreclosure with a Short Sale

Contact one of our professionals to find out how we can help you avoid foreclosure with a short sale. We have already helped many of our clients in successfully closing their property through short sales.

Myrtle Beach Short Sale Listings

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